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Gardens & Landscaping

Whether you are a weekend gardener or a student of landscape architecture, you can appreciate the way the landscaping compliments the great buildings of Columbus from modern masterpieces to historic homes to farmhouses.

To see photos of the beautiful blossoms in Spring, click HERE.


Experience the Award-Winning
Landscape Design of Columbus....

I think of design in the landscape as being like a walk in nature."
-Dan Kiley, Landscape Architect

Just as Columbus is a showcase for modern architects, it is a "who's who" of modern landscape design. You will see hidden jewels of modern landscape designs that feature clean grid patterns, well-trimmed shrubs and trees used in a linear fashion to compliment the modern architecture.

Modern Masters of Landscape Design

Influential landscape architects – all masters of modern landscape design -- Dan Kiley, Jack Curtis and Michael Van Valkenburgh have made their marks on Columbus, just as they have made their marks on the field of landscape design.

Dan Kiley

Michael Van Valkenburgh

Jack Curtis

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To download a printable Gardens and Landscaping PDF, click HERE.

To see photos from The Columbus Farmer's Market, click HERE.

[ top photo of downtown Columbus by Barb Garton ]

Gardens & Landscaping

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